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Discography 0.1 release!

My brand new Discography plugin for WordPress has finally been released. This should make it very easy for bands to store and display information about their songs. If you’d like a demo of the backend, let me know. Soon, I should be able to link to a few sites using the plugin.

Get the plugin now!

More tools and updates coming soon!


  • Winter says:

    How about a demo of both frontend and backend? Nothing is really explained, there’s no readme file either:(

  • Dan says:

    You’re quite right. The plugin is still under quite active development, so I haven’t had much time for the documentation, unfortunately. It should be pretty self-explanatory once you get it up. In the mean time, you can see the front end at my test site. Sorry if I break that while you’re looking at it.

    Right now, I’m working on getting a plugin to manage a calendar of shows, so I should be back to the next bunch of features for this some time after the new year.

  • steve says:

    This has become very valuable tool, the save buttons might need some work as pages don’t reload ect but thats minor compared to what it does.

    Takes some time to fill out 4 albums and 50 tracks but again well worth it

    Awesome plugin

  • Dan says:


    Thanks! I know that both of those are issues. The save button problem will probably get addressed in 0.2. The initial setup time will probably be a fact of life for most people, but I may release a version with a rudimentary import tool.

  • Debi says:

    This looks like it really could become invaluable, but I am getting 404 errors for all the auto-generated song pages. Any ideas?

  • Maïs says:

    Wow, that’s just what i was looking for, thank you and i’m waiting new versions :-)

    Have a look there:

  • h says:

    how do i load the songs? i already have all the songs in folders on my server… how do i show the songs to discography?

  • Tobias Ross says:

    Are we ever gonna see a new version of Discography? In some ways it’s better at what it does that PodPress… but it’s certainly not compatible with recent versions of WordPress :(

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