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Gigs Calendar 0.2.1 – Critical bug squished

In 0.2, I introduced a bug that would let you see the blog posts related to gigs if you were logged in, but not if you weren’t.  I just pushed out 0.2.1 before I got my checklist done for it because I found the best solution to the problem and wanted to get it out to you.  You know where to get it… (hint: here)

If you never installed 0.2, don’t need to worry about fixing the old posts, but if you did install 0.2, you will have to do one of two things.  Either go through your gigs list in the admin panel and select the “edit” option and immediately save the gig.  If you have more gigs than you’d want to go through one at a time, you can install and activate this fix plugin for this problem. Make sure you put it in the plugins root folder (not your gigs-calendar folder).  You’ll also need version 0.2.1 of the calendar already installed and activated.

Sorry for this mistake.


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