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Gigs Calendar version 0.2.2 – Minor bugs

The new bug fix release is out.  This fixes some problems with the Google Maps links and adds the “Country” field as a customization option to the single post title and the gigs table.

Unless there’s a critical bug, this might be the last release before 0.3.  I’ve already got a todo list.

Update: I made a slight miscalculation.  If performing a fresh install, all of your posts will seem to vanish between the time that you activate the plugin and the time you go to Manage->Gigs Calendar.  Don’t worry, they’re still in the database and will reappear as soon as you go to the Gigs Calendar admin panel.


  • arajara says:

    your plugin is simply awesome!!!!

    Thank you… perfect timing for me re-doing that part of our site. Looking forward to following the progress towards 1.0.

  • Avity says:

    It would be nice if we could also get it to tie into the site’s calendar as well (links on the widget). I SOOO could use that right now.

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