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Gigs Calendar version 0.2.3

I’ve just released 0.2.3 of the Gigs Calendar plugin.  This fixes one minor bug that wouldn’t let you edit a gig immediately after you had created it.  Also, if you enable the plugin on a blog using MySQL < 4.1, it won’t completely break your blog until you disable it.

Version 0.3 is coming along well.  I’m making good progress on the templating system that will make the display much more customizable.


  • Tony Mueller says:

    I love the plugin, I finally have an easy way to show my bands gigs. Thanks Dan!

  • Bruce says:

    Dan, Love the calendar. Exactly what I was looking for. Couldn’t figure out how to display the SilkIcon flags in the calendar, but that’s no problem.

    Just one thing for your ‘to-do’ list; a way for displaying the ‘next’ gig on the sidebar of the front page.

    But a great little plug-in. Well done.

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