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Gigs Calendar 0.3!

Ok, because of time constraints, I’ve put version 0.3 up without sending it out to testers.  I doubt it’ll screw anyone’s stuff up, but it might be prudent to backup your gigs tables before you start playing around with it.  There is going to be some documentation on the new features coming in a future version, but the features themselves are there.

The time constraints I’m talking about are namely that I’m traveling to London this weekend and tonight was my last chance to do major work on the plugin until I get back.  If there are critical bugs, I’ll fix those when I get the chance, but if I’m slow to respond to emails, surely you will forgive me.

New features:

  • WordPress 2.5 compatibility – I didn’t have to change much, but I’ve updated a few styles to make it work a little better in the next version of WordPress (due out in less than a week).  For now, I’m committed to supporting everything above WP 2.2.
  • Gig tagging - Using WordPress’ tagging system, you can apply tags to your post that get added to your gigs as CSS classes and let you search for gigs based on tags. Since I used WP’s built in tagging system, you can’t use this feature on versions of WP less than 2.3.
  •  Tours - This is a big one.  You can now set gigs into “tours” of your creation.  That way you can split up gigs into more manageable lists. I will be surprised if the way I’ve implemented this is 100% ideal, so I need your feedback on this feature.
  • Templating system - Now it will be easy for you to create your own templates without too much PHP knowledge by following the examples I include.  There is no documentation on this.  That and a few more templates should be coming before too long.
  • Custom locations of gig listings - No documentation here!  It’s a pretty cool feature, but I haven’t documented it yet.  I’ll hopefully have time to do that soon.
  • Customizable values in the “Ages” drop down - Is the drinking age different in your country? Now you don’t have to use my America-centric “21+”.
  • Speaking of being America-centric… Internationalization - This is a big feature that I know a lot of people want to help out with.  That’s good because I only speak one language.  If you know what to do, grab the .po file out of the install package and have at it!  If you don’t, let me know and I’ll send you instructions.  I’ll probably put up a translation FAQ at some point.  Right now, two incomplete translations are provided.  If you see that your locale isn’t represented, I’d love to have you translate it for me.

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