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I’m back… kinda…

Ways to Get Back in Shape

Sometimes life can pull you in a million different directions, all of which make you avoid exercise. And you know what, that’s A-OK! We all need the occasional hiatus. But getting back in shape doesn’t have to be dread-worthy, either. In fact, easing into a regular fitness routine—just one small step at a time—will help move you along the road to fit and healthy. To help you get to a place where you can finally put that first foot forward, we spoke to fitness pros who offer the best ways to get back in shape and reignite your active lifestyle. Follow their advice, and don’t forget to celebrate all the small successes along the way. And for more ways to stay in shape, here are 21 Ways to Sneak In a Workout While You’re Waiting For Your Food Delivery. Learn more about biofit probiotic healthy benefits.


Be SMART with goal setting.

SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. “As you re-start exercise after your workout hiatus, remember to be kind to yourself and set reasonable goals,” says Rachelle Reed, PhD, CPT, Pure Barre’s manager of training development and barre kinesiologist. “Rather than jumping in head-first, start slowly.” Write down those goals so you can check back on them in a month or two, too.hef-Approved Tips for Organizing Your Home Kitchen; Improve your indoor air quality with Blast auxiliary.



Mark it on your calendar.


Add your workouts to your schedule—in pen, Reed suggests. Aim for two to three workout days to start, and map out those days on Sunday before the week kicks off and gets jam-packed. “Showing up to the time you’ve blocked out for yourself may be one of the best parts of your day,” Reed says.

And for more ways to stay healthy, don’t miss these Top 15 Nutrition Tips During Quarantine.


Get up from your desk.

Arek Adeoye/Unsplash

You’ve probably heard that sitting isn’t so good for you, so plan to move more throughout the day. Reed recommends three ways to do that: take a 10-minute walk on your lunch break, schedule a walking meeting with a coworker, or stretch it out in the bathroom for just five minutes mid-afternoon.

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