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Gigs Calendar 0.4 beta

Last night, I wrapped up all of the features that I think will be making it into 0.4.  I still need to write up some documentation and examples, but I’d be grateful if anyone could download the development version of the plugin to look for any gaping holes/glaring bugs that I have somehow missed.  There are some bug fixes in this version, so you might want to see if I’ve fixed your favorite bug.  If not, send it to me again, I may have lost your bug report.

The major features include:

  • RSS feed of events (without using a category)
  • Custom fields using the built in post custom metadata. (these are extensible using a new plugin API, I’ll have documentation and examples for that soon)
  • Pointed the custom templates folder to a new location that won’t get destroyed when you use the automatic WordPress plugin updater.  (the new templates go in /wp-content/gigs-templates/)


  • RyanD says:

    Hey, great plugin.. I’m using the plugin for a venue to list their events, which is a little backwards but is working fairly well so far.. question about the gigs, though:

    Is a gig a post, or not? Seems like in some parts of wp it works like a post, and others it doesnt.. I’d like to be able to slip some events (maybe via a different template? to our site’s frontpage (via category)

    Any help would be awesome.

  • Dan says:

    @RyanD: A post is created for every gig. However, it is filtered out of all of the normal areas that gigs show up so as to not pollute your blog. It would not be impossible to display some of the posts. For example, if you set a category for the posts, you can go to that category’s page and see all of the gigs there.

    In 0.4, there is a way to turn filtering off, but it’s an all or nothing thing. Also, the posts will be created with the time it’s created, instead of the time and date of the gig.

  • Jzz says:

    Hey Dan -
    I’ve been using your plugin (0.3.3) for a few weeks and it works great! I do wish we could enter multiple dates in one shot, but hey… no biggie.

    I’ve managed to figure out how to open the ‘map’ link from gig posts (WHERE section) in a new window, but how can I do the same with the ‘venue’ link? I can’t figure it out.


    p.s. donations are on the way…soonish.

  • Dan says:

    I am planning a feature for a future version that’ll make it easier to enter gigs quickly, so hopefully that’ll happen in the next few versions.

    As for the other thing… which venue link are you referring to? The one in the admin pages?

  • Jzz says:

    No, it’s the one on the front-end.

  • Dan says:

    @Jzz: Oh, that one. I’ll make that open up in a new window on the new version.

  • Jzz says:

    Finally figured it out. It was in the /wp-content/plugins/gigs-calendar/templates/basic/gig-post.php file. Just in case anyone else was wondering.

  • Brenton says:

    I am new to WordPress, your plugin seems great… But how do I add it to my front page? I don’t want it on a different page.

    Is there perhapse a code like:
    ?php get_sidebar(); ?
    ?php get_gigcalendar(); ?


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