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Gigs Calendar 0.4.0

I’ve just pushed out the new version of Gigs Calendar.  It is available on the official download page.  Please report any bugs you find, even if you know they existed in 0.3.3.

New Features

  • WordPress 2.6 compatibility
  • New plugin API to allow for greater customization.  With this, I (and others) can create one-off customizations of the plugin without having to worry about the changes breaking when I release a new version.
  • RSS Feed for Gigs (iCal coming soon, probably in 0.5)
  • Set permission levels for users accessing the plugin.
  • Interface for using a post’s custom data fields.
  • A new widget to display details on the next gig.

Those are the biggies.  In the next few days, I’ll put up a plugin to demonstrate the API and custom fields functionality.


  • Hello,

    i have problems with administation of gigs calendar:
    with gigs calendar 0.4.0 i’ve no admin-area, please help me.
    thank you, robert

  • Dan says:

    @Robert Decker: This is a known bug. I’ll get in touch with you via email in a minute to ask a few questions.

  • Carsten says:

    Hi Dan, even though gigs is for musicians, it can well be used with sport events as supposed to be used at our site.
    The trouble is that for some reason on a different site ( it works nicely, in ours it doesn’t.
    Going to the setting page I am asked to edit the tables.sql file. It says: “you can create them with the tables.sql file in the same folder as this plugin”. I was looking for a manual, but could not find it. Can you please give me any details?
    Best wishes from Germany

  • Dan says:

    @Carsten: So far, I haven’t been able to duplicate the condition where it fails to create the tables. To use the sql file, though, you can simply use the “import” tab in phpMyAdmin (assuming you have access to that). Simply add your database table prefix to all of the table names in the file and then open the database in phpMyAdmin and import the SQL file.

  • billc says:

    I’m currently casting about for calendar software to update the one on our site. Like the sports guy above, it looks like it could work nicely for us if we had the ability to do a range of dates instead of just a single date. Some of the events we list are single day, but the majority run for multiple days.

    How difficult would it be to include a second optional date field which would only display if a date had been entered?

    On that note, you might also want to add a date span to the Tours.

  • MaryLiz says:

    I’m wondering how to make use of the widget that is supposed to display details for the next show on the gig calendar. Can someone let me know what code needs to be used in order to display the widget?

  • Dan says:

    @MaryLiz: MaryLiz, If you have a widget enabled theme, you can add it through the widget control panel.

  • billc says:

    Wrong event deleted.

    I had five events listed for testing and tonight deleted two of them. To my surprise, when I viewed the calendar page I’d made, the wrong events had been deleted. I’ve got screen shots if you want ‘em. The calendar is just for testing at the moment.

    I think the trick was that I didn’t enter the events in chronological order; The ones I deleted were event ID 2 and 3 set for 7/16 and 7/24, but the events which are gone were ID 4 and 5, both set for 7/12.

    I’m relieved to see that the events are still in the database, but I don’t see where you flag which ones are displayed and which are not.

    I was about to start modding the code to include an end date as mentioned above, but will probably just put up a second testbed and leave this one exactly as is for now if you want to take a look. (I may have questions for you on the end date addition as I go, and will be happy to shoot you the changes when done). I’ll see if I can reproduce it in the same way.

  • billc says:

    Oh, wait a sec… today’s the 14th, so naturally the ones on the 12th wouldn’t show as ‘upcoming events’. They’d be in the archives.

    So it seems that the “deleted” events didn’t go away.

  • Dan says:

    @billc: I’m going to respond via email to try to figure this out.

  • billc says:

    Sorry to look like a total noob. Deletion actually worked fine after I logged back in. I had left the admin list on screen for a couple of days and had been logged out when I hit delete tonight. The events I’d intended to delete disappeared from the screen, so I hadn’t noticed that i’d timed out.

  • Dan says:

    @billc: That’s one of the few things that won’t obviously not work (grammar be damned). It removes the row immediately to make the interface snappier, but I’ll fix it up so that an error will be triggered if it fails.

  • Mark says:

    Hey Dan,

    is there a way to call the “generateList” funtion from a specific Site?

    Id like to set some values like year or month on severel sites but i have no idea how and from where i can call this function :-(

    Hope you can help me!

  • Pete says:

    Hi Dan,

    Been pulling my hair out over calendars in wordpress for the last few days now, as I need to add one to my clients site, but can’t find one that works well to save my life.

    Then I found your plugin!

    It has everything I need except just one thing – to show a little calendar (of the current month) where the user can click on a highlighted date, and go to the revelent page with the event info on it. (similiar to ‘Events Calendar’ plugin)

    I’ve been searching for a while now, and can’t find any way of doing this.

    Is it something that is planned for the future?


  • Dan says:

    @Pete: The short answer is that by modifying the template, it would be possible to do this yourself, if you have a little PHP know-how. I’ll email you with a little more info.

  • Pete says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks, that would be great!

    I’m a Designer, so the PHP side of things is very new to me.

    Keep up the good work, you’re clearly very dedicated :)

  • Hi Dan;
    I’ll try to summarize this as quickly as possible for your time’s sake. You might find this procedure useful for end
    use elsewhere in your projects.
    I have been building an agency site for booking and publicity for artists, musical and otherwise.
    After testing your Gigs Calendar which I find very useful because it stores all the contact info for the venues once a
    show is booked, I came up with a seemingly brilliant plan for using an rss feed to distribute the individual bands’
    concert schedules, generated by your Gigs-Calendar to the band’s individual web sites and to their cell phones.
    There are two bands up on the site right now being used as “placeholders” for the building of the site. Many more
    artists will be added soon. I originally built the individual artists’ pages using dreamweaver, and a friend who is a
    WordPress fanatic convinced me to use that for the Agency’s home page(s. Which is So after many grueling tormenting hours
    (I’m not a programmer, just a publisher/promoter/concertproducer etc.) it is finished and ready to deploy fully,
    except for one thing.
    I need to have the RSS feed, after parsing, display by date in ASCENDING order. Not descending by date as is
    currently displayed in the .php link. I figured out how to flip the display around on my WordPress site by adding
    the &orderby=date&order=asc stuff into the new category-id.php files. But they still are upside down on the final
    display, which is found at as the “current shows and tour” calendar in
    the iframe window on the right side of the page. If You are able to help me with this one seemingly simple problem (but deceptively not so for
    me) it will polish off a system that I think will have many great uses for artists booking and tons of other uses as
    well. Please let me know anything You think will cure this situation soon as You get a chance. And BTW I am
    placing a humble donation in your pay pal account in appreciation for your previous work before sending this
    note. Below are the links and all the info I think will be needed to demonstrate this situation. If I left anything
    out You need to look at just let me know.

    Here is the example for the first band and all the pertinent files. Once I figure this one out I should be able to

    apply the knowlege to all the rest of the bands calendars.
    I need to have this rss feed
    which comes from this WordPress category link
    That link is not setp up as a wordpress page, just categories.

    display by date in ASCENDING order. Not descending by date as is currently displayed in the .php link.

    I am using the site-reference rss parser found at to get my .php

    code for the final page, which I added as an iframe to the artists’ page
    In order to get the parser to work I add “/feed” to the end of the category link.
    I have everything working perfectly for my needs at this point except the fact that the final php page is being

    displayed, upside down, backwards etc. by date for my needs.

    I have exhausted all my knowlege which shouldn’t be used for programming anyway since I’m a booking agent &


    So far in order to get the category links to display in my preferred orderI changed (added) the following to to

    “category-51.php” which is the category template for my first individual artists gig-posts page. I’ll be happy to

    make more of these category templates for subsequent bands once I figure out how to display the final product in

    ascending rather than descending order by date. The problem seems to be originating in the part of wordpress that

    controlls the “feed” for this category. But that’s the end of my ability to figure it out. I’m at wits end which is

    frustrating because I’ve spent a LOT of time constructing this system which is just about perfect except for this

    display problem.

    <div class=”post” id=”post-”>

  • Dan D says:

    Hello there. I love your plugin, I think its excellent. However I was wondering how I would go about sorting the events calendar by time, not just date? it sorts it by date at the moment, however if i add multiple events on one date and say, i didnt add them in order of time, it doesnt automatically sort them by time order. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Kris says:

    I’ve been looking for a way to list our gigs and have been using Event Calendar for many years. But it hasn’t been supported lately for the WordPress updates so I’m looking for a new plugin. I stumbled across yours and tried it out but I can’t seem to get it working. I have created the page and it shows the table with the headings but doesn’t show the gig. Am I missing something?

    PS: A suggestion please? Could you show some samples of the plugin on your site…I looked around for quite a while to see any and could not find one. Maybe even list some of the sites that use your plugin so people like me could see it in action first.

  • Kris says:

    Sorry, to write again but I should have given you the link to my gig page:

  • Dan says:

    @Kris: I’ll email you about the problem you mentioned. As far as the list of sites go, these are the ones I know about:

  • Alan in Darwin says:

    Hi Dan…

    Greetings from the Northern Territory of Australia.

    Seems to be a small problem with regards to adding new events. When I add a new event, it shows up in the appropriate tables, but I get this error message:

    ‘[31-Jul-2008 16:14:00] WordPress database error Field ‘post_content’ doesn’t have a default value for query INSERT INTO wp_testbed_localhost_posts (`post_author`,`post_date`,`post_date_gmt`,`post_content_filtered`,`post_title`,`post_excerpt`,`post_status`,`post_type`,`comment_status`,`ping_status`,`post_password`,`post_name`,`to_ping`,`pinged`,`post_modified`,`post_modified_gmt`,`post_parent`,`menu_order`,`guid`,`post_mime_type`) VALUES (’2′,’2008-08-01 20:00′,’2008-08-01 10:30:00′,”,’Pete Murray – Fri, Aug 1 2008 – Darwin, NT – Holiday Inn Darwin’,”,’future’,'post’,'open’,'open’,”,’pete-murray-fri-aug-1-2008-darwin-nt-holiday-inn-darwin-2′,”,”,’2008-08-01 20:00′,’2008-08-01 10:30:00′,’0′,’0′,”,”) made by wp_insert_post’

    which means the event does not get set up as a post. I tried bodgying it up in phpMyadmin and got it to accept the entry, but it appears the ‘post_content’ field is missing as well.

    I’m trying to use it as a global ‘What’s on’ calendar (ie not tied to any specific event or venue), and other than this it seems to work well. Actually, I’m quite impressed.

    I can’t give you a link to try it out yet, as its only running on my local machine (localhost).

    Alan in Darwin

  • Becky says:

    Great plugin!! Thanks so much for donating it to us :-)

    One Q.. how do you change the language?

  • Jess says:

    Hey Dan,

    Just found this plugin yesterday after some event-calendar shopping, and I think it’s exactly what I need- very nice! Just a quick question, since it seems you’re so good about answering them (also very nice!). I was wondering if there’s a template tag to put the upcoming events directly on a page’s template. Similar to the [gig-cal limit=5], but php-ified. I’m using the home.php template for my home page and would like to put the list as it appears on my page on there.


  • Jess says:

    Update – I actually was able to include it on my homepage with Improved Include Page. It’s kind of a roundabout way of doing things, but in the meantime, it works. Just wanted to post for people who might be looking.

    I did have a problem- but I sent it in with the bug report tool.

  • Dan says:

    @Becky: If the plugin has already been translated, you need to set your WordPress install’s locale in your wp-config.php file.

  • Dave says:

    Hi Dan –

    I too have been looking for a Calendar to
    display upcoming meetings and events and Gigs
    Calendar seems to fill the bill quite nicely.

    However, like Pete, in a previous posting
    I need to display a little calendar in my sidebar. Can you please email me with the code to do this!

    Many thanks!


  • jeff says:

    I just want to put on the top of a page “Next Show”. I thought the write_next() function would do that. Is there a way to echo the next show?

  • Dan says:

    @jeff: The default theme uses this to get the next link. It should work on a gig’s post:

    next_post_link(‘%link »’)

  • jeff says:

    I think there’s some confusion. I am looking to put the NEXT SHOW on the top of the home page. Not the next page.

  • Dan says:

    @jeff: I’ll reply via email.

  • Jeff F says:

    Hi Dan;

    Awesome work! I’m trying to use Gigs to streamline performance info on the not-for-profit symphony my wife runs. It would be cool if the gig posts would be included in site search, so a patron can search on a favorite song title or composer. I’ve tried every setting that looks obvious (specifically turning off filter in Gigs settings), but can’t get any results.

    Is this possible?


  • Dan says:

    @Jeff F: I’ve added that to my list to check out. Hopefully, I can get it to work, either by default or with an option.

  • c says:


    I have a bit of a simple question, but what is the code I should put on my page to make the calendar visible? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.


  • Dan says:

    @c: Are you using the “Custom” calendar positioning?

  • Oli says:

    Hi Dan and fellow gigs-calendar users!

    I am using the calendar to display events for an Autism Counselling charity working out of the UK, can anyone explain how I might go about editing the date display so it shows up British-style: day/month/year?

    I’m not really a PHP person, so would really appreciate any help, as the site has been online for a while now and I am unable to solve the issue!



  • Oli says:

    Hi again,

    Just to report – I was looking so hard I missed it! There is of course a perfectly simple option to alter the date display in the Settings tab.

    Silly me.



  • Roy says:

    Hi Dan,

    I’ve been trying to get some extra info into the upcoming gigs widget but I can’t seem to figure it out.

    Can you help me here?
    Btw gotta say I’m lovin’ the plugin

  • Roy says:

    Nevermind figured it out.

    Thanks though

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