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Gigs Calendar settings page problem

With the new version of Gigs Calendar, there is a setting that only allows administrative users of the blog access to the settings page.  For some reason, I made that setting on by default.  I’ll change that for the next release, but if you’re having a hard time getting into the settings page in Gigs Calendar all of a sudden, you may need to log in as your blog’s administrive account.


  • Keith says:

    I’m still having trouble finding the settings page, even as an admin. Any ideas?

  • Dan says:

    Here’s the thing that has worked for others (and I’m not sure why). Create a new WordPress user that has administrator privileges. Log in as that user, and you should be able to see the settings page.

    Uncheck that option for now. Hopefully I can track that bug down.

  • Rob says:

    Dan, I talked about your plugin here…

    Hope you don’t mind! :P

    Good job

  • Geekazine says:

    Great Plugin. Here are a couple things I can suggest:

    1. Recurrence: For shows that happen every week.

    2. Disable Comments/Trackbacks

    3. Can you add the Gigs Calendar to the “Write” area? This is so the others don’t have to go wandering around the site.

    If I get ambitious, I can make changes and send you the code changes for this stuff.


  • Dan says:

    1. I’ve gotten a few requests for that. I’ve got it in mind, but I don’t think it’s very useful for a pretty overwhelming majority of the main audience of this plugin (though I could be wrong). I don’t want to implement things that will make things unnecessarily complex to the core plugin. Perhaps as a plugin to extend the core.
    2. I’ve put this on my list of features to think about for the next version.
    3. I’m not sure that this one would be very important to most users either. I’ve put it on my list, so I’ll think about it.

  • Rob says:

    In general: every implementation is mostly welcome unless I am able from the control panel to check/uncheck it so… why not!

    In specific:
    1 – At the moment I have not this kind of need so I think it would be unchecked on my site but it’s a good feature
    2 – I guess that comments/trackbacks are good but maybe it’s too redundand if you have a specific page to talk about your show so maybe it’s to take in consideration that they could be disabled
    3 – I think that I would not need this feature, I can add gigs from the proper panel but again, I don’t play a gig per week so…


  • Rene says:


    Hey there Dan! Still letting you know this is an excellent plugin… and the best out there for event listings, etc. Just to give you some feedback on the features people are requesting, here is what I have run across with my experience.

    1. Having the ability to repeat an event is really not common with regards to bands — but believe it or not, I have run into needing this feature a few times with the band sites I manage. Really, bands won’t need to repeat a gig week after week, but might need to copy the gig for the next night. This is what I have run into, especially when bands are going out for such things as a weekend long bike rally, or CMA Fan Fair week, etc. So, maybe not necessarily a feature to repeat shows, but a “copy” feature would be pleasant. :)
    – Just FYI, I did try out the GigPress plugin (Gigs Calendar surpasses it by a long shot), but they do have this feature where you can copy a gig and publish it for another date (they also have a multiple day event feature, which is kinda nifty I guess).

    2. I haven’t had the need to disable comments (but most of my band sites do not support commenting because it is too much maintenance).

    3. I seem to have no troubles getting my clients to understand the Gigs Calendar management area. Of course, thats after they get past the whole IE issue (I really should plaster a huge note across the WordPress dashboard that I do not support IE!!)

    Anyway — thanks again for this wonderful plugin.

    By the way, I did come here to see why and how I wasn’t able to see the settings. Creating a new admin user worked fine. I bet you’re pulling your hair out on that one!

  • Eds says:

    Great plugin Dan!

    I have a question though. I managed to embed the calendar as a widget (great!), but when I select a page (‘Select a page to house your calendar:’) the calendar is not shown on that page. What am I doing wrong?

  • Eds says:

    Ignore my comment above. I had the location set to ‘custom’…

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