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Gigs Calendar 0.4.1 – Bug Fixes

I’ve just put up a bug fix release for Gigs Calendar.  The most important fix is that your settings page should function normally now.  Hurrah!  Also, if you set it so that users other than your editors could access the gigs calendar, that should be working as expected now.

If your gig is not created for whatever reason (except browser compatibility) it should pop up with a little error message with a few more details.  Please don’t hesitate sending me that information if it looks like it’d be helpful in explaining your problem.

I’ve got a list of bugs for future bug fixes, but those will have to wait for the next version.  I wanted to get the settings page fix out as soon as possible.


  • Hello,
    I have a couple of questions.
    1. Once I create a new gig, I am unable to edit it. I click the icon… nothing happens. Just upgraded to 0.4.1 – WP 2.5
    2. I would like to have the Gig Post the Event name and not the Veneu Name at the top of the Post. Is that possible?

    Besides that I love this plug in. I don’t use for gigs… but for events and conferences that we hold. I getting ready to roll out the new site in a about a week.

  • Dan says:

    @Matthew Wright:
    1. Which browser are you using?
    2. Yes, there is a setting for that.

  • 1. ie 7.
    2. I figured it out after not paying attention to the settings.
    3. new one… When I click on venues, add new venues, the form disappears and all i see is

    Hide information about this venue from the public:
    Description/Other notes:

  • Dan says:

    @Matthew Wright:
    1. Right now the plugin’s backend is not compatible with IE7. Try using Firefox or Safari to manage the gigs.
    2. Great :)
    3. This one should also be fixed by using a different browser.

    I hope to add IE7 compatibility at some point. I seem to be hearing more people mention it than I used to.

  • Jeff says:

    Dan, this plugin is killer. Thanks for making it. I’m just having one problem with it: When I try to create a new venue, nothing happens when I click “Add Venue”

    I’m using FF3, and even deactivated all my other plugins.

  • Dan says:

    @Jeff: If you’ve got access to the database (and the knowhow) check to make sure that your tables have all of the proper columns. You can see the proper configuration in the tables.sql file.

  • Jeff says:

    Thanks Dan. I looked, and it appears I have everything EXCEPT: Under wp_gigs_gig: eventName, tour_id. And under wp_gigs_venue: customMap. Should I add those?

  • Michael says:

    (I know this is not related to the post but i can’t find any contact email on the site! .. nor could I find any demo calendars to quickly look at without having to install it to see it!)

    I’m looking for calendar scripts to recommend to people (event promoters, venue managers, artists, etc) for syndicating their events/gigs/etc to portals, aggregators, etc.

    I run an events listings website and would like people to be able to add their data feeds from their own site alternative to having to re-enter re-enter them for each event.

    preferred formats: RSS+hCalendar, hCalendar on page
    (RSS+Event or iCal possible if the city can be defined somehow) – the RSS feeds provided by the few calendar scripts I’ve seen out there as plugins for a popular CMS are not suitable – they don’t have dates or cities!


    must have seperate fields for city/country and event dates. (and dates must not be ambiguous – ISO preferred)

    My site has listings for lots of different countries and people can look up events by city and date so of course this data is required.

    Microformats could come to the rescue…
    In hCalendar entries, cities could be marked up under “location” as vcard or adr … also geo can be used for coordinates (for both mapping and place name disambiguation)

    I see a lot of calendar scripts out there but none that meet these requirements with significant modification!

    I also see an increasing amount of so-called calendar feeds that are NOT calendar feeds.
    If the event dates are there and not machine readable it is NOT much use to a calendar application!

    I was looking for a demo if your calendar has any of these features or could be easily made to do them by non-technical people.

    I think being able to let people submit a data feed from their own site is the way of the future for Events listings sites and portals generally, not only mine but for this to really move beyond a few develelopers there really needs to be some calendar scripts for people to can generate suitable feeds use that are easy for the average person to set up.

    …Given that there are already scripts out there for doing gig calendars I thought I’d try and contact a few of the developers to find out their thoughts on this and if there is likely to be anything that can be used this way anytime soon.

    (if not could I write an add-on for this I could give to people?)

  • Chris says:

    Hey Dan,

    Amazing plugin you’ve come up with – enables me to build a site I just wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

    One small question: I’ve set Event Name and Venue to form the page title but I want the word ‘at’ as the joining thing rather than ‘-’ (so ‘The Arcade Fire at The Ritz’, for example). Where in the code can I make this amendment?


  • Jeff says:

    I added those columns, and it works like a charm. Thanks again.

  • Edwin says:

    Two things: I noticed that in my IE7, when I click on “Add a New Venue,” the form is visible only for a second (while the div is revealed), and then vanishes. The only text visible is “Hide information about this venue from the public” and “Description/ Other notes.”

    That doesn’t happen with FF3. How I hate IE. :)

    Another question, if it’s not too much bother: is it possible to disable comments on the page that displays the details of the gig?



  • Edwin says:

    Ayayayayay…. now I noticed that you very clearly stated that the plugin doesn’t fully support IE7 and Opera as yet. Sorry about that.

    I only need help with my second question then :P

  • Dan says:

    @Edwin: Currently there’s no way to do that automatically. You could set the category and edit your theme to remove the comment form on the gigs category.

  • Edwin says:

    @Dan: Thanks for the reply. You mean give the gigs a unique category first, right? When you say “edit your theme” you mean the customized template in the gigs-templates folder (which file, gig-post.php?) or somewhere within my WP theme?

    Yes, n00b questions, I know. I began using WP 2 weeks ago :-P (though its not my first time with blog apps or CMSs). If it’s something too esoteric, don’t worry about it. I’ve been too much of a bother already :) .

  • Bryan says:

    I’m wondering if there’s a simple way to create view of the calendar based on Venue, for example I’d like to create a page for each venue in the gig calendar, and have that page then display the upcoming shows there. I thought about doing it as tours, but then I’m not sure how to display different ones on each page and still keep the main showlist page showing all dates.

  • Atramhasis says:

    I consider to use your plugin for a friend’s website, he now uses only myspace. Is it possible to import his tour dates from myspace (more then 50!)?
    And later then, what would be the best way to keep this two calenders in sync?

  • kyle says:

    Howdy Dan ~ LOVIN the plugin. Exactly what I need. Jettisoned Google Calendar… this is far sweeter.

    Just one, pathetic question: How do place the calendar in a custom location? I assume it’s a simple PHP call..?

  • Chris says:

    I’m sure I left a comment here the other day but it seems to have vanished! Anyway, I said stellar work on the plugin. My only question is: how do I change the joining syntax in the title? I have the default ‘-’ between Event Name and Venue but I’d like ‘at’. In which file can I set this please? Thanks!

  • Chris says:

    Oh, turns out I did… sorry, I’m going blind. Any hint though? Please.

  • Dan says:

    @Bryan: You should be able to put each “tour” on its own page by doing this in the page content: [gig-cal tour=1] (where 1 is the id of a tour)

  • Dan says:

    @Atramhasis: It would be possible to import the gigs, but only through some scripting. I don’t have anything in place to do that.

    As for keeping them in sync, unless MySpace has a webservice that lets you update their calendar from elsewhere, or subscribe to an rss feed, there’s not really any way to do it automatically.

  • Dan says:

    @kyle: I forgot that I hadn’t posted this documentation anywhere official. Here’s a comment that I left it in for now:

  • Dan says:

    @Chris: I’ll reply in an email to this.

  • Bryan says:

    Thanks, Dan! That works great, I’d figured out a basic workaround using tags for venues, then tag archives to show the tour dates, but this will be much better!

    Another question, and this is an odd one: Why is it that gig calendar is able to publish future posts and have them be ‘published’ on the site, but if I edit the entries, they change status to ‘scheduled’? is there a way to set them back to published without setting the date back?

  • Dan says:

    @Bryan: They show up because the plugin makes WordPress set the status as “published” instead of “future” like the WordPress framework wants to. Of course, because I don’t want this to interfere with normal operations, I filtered it so that it only affects posts created by my plugin.

  • Rene says:

    Hey Dan… I just recently ran into a plugin incompatibility problem with Gigs Calendar. On one of my blogs I am now using wp-o-matic. Its got a few issues I’m not to happy with and one of them is when going to the Manage > Gigs Calendar all you see is the wp-o-matic dashboard. I plan to tell the developer of the plugin, but thought I’d let you know too. Is there a quick hack I can do in the time being to get the gigs dashboard to load?

  • CyberWoolf says:

    IE7 Edit bug fix.

    So I had a problem where I couldn’t edit the gigs once they had been added. I did a search on the error and after 20 minutes found the solution. Forgive me if this has been solved already (but there is alot to read in the comments :-D )

    The problem is IE doesn’t recognize table-row as a display option.

    In the 4 ajax files: gigs.ajax.php, archive.ajax.php, tours.ajax.php and venues.ajax.php you need to add a line before:“display”, “table-row”);

    to read“display”, “block”);“display”, “table-row”);

    Each browser reads it correctly (at least for me!)

  • Derek Fox says:

    I love the plug in and going to customize it so it will work for soccer tournament website I am putting together. I was wondering, is there a way to restrict a register user to only be able to add gigs to the list but not be able to delete a gig or any other functions? I would like the calender to be set up by other subscribers that freely sign up to add their gig.

  • erin says:

    I installed the lastest version of the plugin last week and it was all working great. But then about 10 minutes ago I tried editing the settings and now the page content won’t show. The posts are still being displayed in the upcoming gigs sidebar widget, but the gigs page has disappeared, and so have the gigs I listed using [gig-cal tour=1] like you mentioned above. Any ideas what could have caused this bug? What should I do?

  • Mscott says:

    I’m using Gigs Calendar 0.4.1 for events and it’s working out well. I need to hard code the “Upcoming Gigs” widget into the sidebar. My theme over-rides the widget functionality.

    Do you have any documentation on how I can drop that Upcoming Gigs format into my sidebar?

  • Mscott says:

    I tried posting this question the other day but looks like it dropped off.

    What do I need to put in my sidebar.php to display the upcoming gigs format you have in the widget? My theme will not accommodate the widget so I need to enter it manually.

    Nice work.

  • Dan says:

    @CyberWoolf: I’ll take a look at that. Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Dan says:

    @Derek Fox: Not really. You could create a custom form elsewhere that they would have access to that would write to the database tables. You could even use my plugin’s data access classes to make sure the data was consistent.

    That kind of granular permissions is not available in my plugin at the moment, though.

  • Dan says:

    @Rene: Did you ever get this worked out? I can take a look if you’re still having problems.

  • Dan says:

    @erin: I’ll reply in an email.

  • Dan says:

    @Mscott: No, sorry, I had just been too busy to get around to replying. Look at the call to dtc_gigs::generateList on line 444 in gigs-calendar.php. That call should be all you really need to insert. Obviously, you’ll need to set the “limit” parameter.

    You’ll also probably want to go into your widget control panel and set up the widget there (even though that won’t make it show up). That way the template knows what settings to use. If you’re feeling very adventurous, you could just edit the template and hardcode all of the options.

  • Mscott says:

    Here is what I put in the sidebar.php


    Take a look at
    I’m not sure what to make of the results. Any idea what the warning means? Not sure why it did not pick up the correct formatting.

  • Dan says:

    @Mscott: The code got mangled, but I think I know what’s wrong…

    Here’s what it should look like, with all of the defaults:

  • Mscott says:

    This theme has a specially designed side bar with some functionality that I like, I can use widgets but then I loose the functionality. I think the call for a widget is causing this theme sidebar to bomb.

    Do you have a way you can access the upcoming events and format them for a sidebar that does not call on the widget?

    Hope that makes sense.

  • Dan says:

    @Mscott: I’ll reply via email.

  • James says:

    Dan, killer plugin – just what i needed, i have one question though – it may be dumb…

    I’m not a newbie to php or css, but i’m rearranging the gigs-list.php page in order to bring the table cells in in a certain order. They are not being called in in that order though, for instance, i wanted the city to come after the Venue? Is there a different page i should be updating? Or am i just completely missing something?

  • Dan says:

    @James: The way that is set up is to let the plugin settings control the order. You’ll find that in the plugin’s settings page.

  • Rian says:

    Dan, awesome work on the plugin, it suits my needs right down to the nitty gritty details. Really cool.

    One small issue though, the translation isn’t being picked up. I’m making some sites for dutch artists, for which there is a translation file available.. The language for WP is defined as nl_NL but the gigs plugin remains in english.

    Any ideas?

  • Mscott says:

    I’m trying to add a break/space on an event post between “Event”, “When”, “Where” and “Other Info”. I fooled around in the gig-post.php but had no luck. Any ideas Dan?

  • Max Supera says:

    Hey man,

    you’ve written an amazing plugin! i was just wondering if there was a way to restrict users from using the ‘delete’ button on the gigs list and only letting users edit (and delete) an event they created themselves. you can see gigs calendar running on my site at

    i just dont want someone signing up and editing or deleting other peoples events. thanks again!!

  • Dan says:

    @Rian: Make sure that you have the i18n folder in your wp-content/plugins/gigs-calendar folder. You may just need to copy all of the i18n files over again. I just tried it out on my install and it worked just fine.

  • Dan says:

    @Max Supera: No, there’s no way to do that currently. It’s something I have in mind, though.

  • Sander says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for this great plugin! I’d like to submit a small improvement for the new release, I hope you can incorporate it into the new version. We use the Gigs Calendar mainly as an event planner and agenda. In our case, the date of an event is usually known months before a definitive venue is determined. We needed to be able to change a gig’s venue after it had been created. The following changes to gigs-ajax.php made it happen for me:

    around line 464:

    name . ‘ – ‘ . $v->getCity(); ?>


    <select class=”venueID” name=”venueID” id=”edit-venueID-id ?>”>

    search(null, ‘`name`’); ?>
    fetch() ) : ?>
    <option value=”id; ?>” id == $vList->id ) echo ‘selected=”selected”‘; ?>>name; ?>

    around line 631, where the list is updated:



    row.children(“td.venue”).html(“Changed, please refresh this list”);

    I don’t know yet how to insert the venue name instead of its ID, but at least the user sees the message.

    and finally, around line 670 where the gig is saved:

    $g->eventName = $_POST['eventName'];


    $g->venueID = ( $_POST['venueID'] == -1 ? null : $_POST['venueID'] );

    Hopefully this survives the code formatting after submission.

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  • Rene says:

    @Dan: Sorry to take a month to respond to this. I wasn’t watching the comments being posted.

    As far as wp-o-matic and gigs calendar… I think Gigs Calendar is far more important than wp-o-matic. I had several other problems with wp-o-matic anyway. So, I just quit using it. I still use it on one of my blogs, but it is one that doesn’t use Gigs Cal.

    Thanks though. As always, you rock!

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