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Discography 0.1.5 – Fixing some dumb code

When I was originally hacking this plugin together, I wasn’t sure how to find the address of a page within WordPress, so I had a really dumb solution to get it.  Long story short, custom permalink structures simply wouldn’t work with this plugin.  That is no longer true! Yay!

Also, I fixed the issue that put a slash before apostrophes in the page titles.


  • Leland says:

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  • Gideon Kiers says:

    Hi Dan,

    Silly question : How can I change the $ price symbols to € euro ?



  • Dan says:

    Not really a silly question. There’s no good way to do this right now. I’ll add the ability to format prices in 0.2.

    For now, open up classes.php. You’ll need to change it on lines 271 and 280.

  • Wendy says:

    Just a quick query…

    I’ve wanted to use Discography for months but have been unable to get it to work. I cannot get songs to upload. On the songs tab there is no interface to indicate a browse and upload. I haven’t been able to locate any instructions for Discography to explain if there is a folder I need to upload mp3s to. Could you help?

  • Karin says:

    Dan, it would be great if you could include Localization for a future realease of this plugin!!!!

    • Dan says:

      Yes, it would be great. In fact, that’s a feature that was definitely going to be going into the next version. When that will come out… I can’t say.

  • Brad says:

    Hi, just want to say you gig calender is excellent, does exactly what it should.

    I also I like the discog thing but was wondering if it could include an upload album art cover rather than just a link so adding an album could be done in one go.


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