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Discography 0.1.6 – Lightweight Flash Player

I’ve added an option to the plugin to let you use the lightweight Delicious “playtagger” player on your site.  This will be much faster than the default flash player, but will make it much easier for people to download your music.  If this is undesirable, stick with the default one.

As always, the new version is up for download on the plugin page.


  • John S. says:

    I’m having trouble getting the mp3′s to play, any ideas on what’s happening?

  • Tobias Ross says:

    Am I missing something. Is there a way to get a listing of a single album and it’s tracks on a page? or just albums and songs?

  • Dan says:

    @Tobias Ross: Well, you aren’t missing anything. There’s no way to do that right now. Some or all of it will be coming with version 0.2.0, which I am working on in my free time (what? what’s this thing called “free time”?)

  • Dan says:

    @John S.: Have you since figured it out? They played just fine when I visited your site just now.

  • EcLipsaL says:

    This is a stupid question, but how do you get the mp3 added to the flash player?

    I can’t figure it out.

  • Dan says:

    @EcLipsaL: For now, you just want to put the link to the mp3 file into the “free download link” field. If you disable free downloads, but enable streaming, it will not show a download link, but will include the flash player.

  • EcLipsaL says:

    Thanks dude this is an awesome plugin. I got it working with wp-ecommerce…

  • steph says:

    i’m looking for a demo of this plugin – any links?

  • Dan says:

    Groovelily ( is using it.

  • Kevin S says:

    Hey Dan,

    Really liking this plugin. This is a one of a kind plugin that I’m surprise hasn’t come to fruition any soon than it has. Keep up in the good work!

    However, I’m having some minor formatting issues with it.

    First, it seems like the album covers are overlapping the title bars.

    Second, the albums are butting up against one another (top/bottom).

    Also, here are some things I’d like to see in future releases (I’d even pay for this!)

    * Click on the album cover for a larger image.
    * Have categories be a pull down menu option.
    * Give confirmation on saves/adds.
    * Have each album be it’s own unique page.

  • alton says:

    Hey Dan,
    Firstly, big thankYOU for the plugin. :) . It is pretty neat.

    A little question: Since every song gets its own page, i was wondering how i could add tags to a song?



  • Dan says:

    @alton: Here’s the issue with that request. By default WordPress doesn’t let you add tags to a page (as opposed to a post). If you think it would really be useful (though you might need another plugin to make them show up in tag searches), I could see what implications it would have to do something like I have with the gigs calendar.

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  • Andrew says:

    Hi Dan,

    I can’t get this plugin to do anything. None of the SAVE buttons seem to work. I am running wordpress 2.5.1. Do you have any suggestions?


  • Patrick says:

    Hey Dan,
    I am new to wordpress, but am loving it. The only thing is…I am only using the free blog @
    I would like to use a lot of the custom things I am finding for wordpress…sandbox themes, these plugins of yours….but is that only possible with a wordpress page hosted on my own server. I dont see any section to install plugins on the blog.

  • Dan says:

    @Patrick: I thought I had replied, but now I don’t see it anywhere… weird.

    Anyway, as I thought I had said, you can’t install custom plugins on blogs. You have to have your own hosting to install plugins like mine.

  • Robbi says:

    Is it possible to show an album artist and release date along with the other album info on a page, and would it be possible to have songs listed without them having an individual page, for instrumentals??

  • Robbi says:

    Also, sorry for all the questions! Would it be possible to show the album a song appear on on an individual song page??

  • Taylor Dewey says:

    Thank you for taking the time to work on this plugin.. It’s *almost* exactly what I need. I plan on adding some shortcode options to it, but I’m having trouble getting started. It worked okay on a live, not-music-related blog, but I can’t do the dev there. I’ve been working on a new blog using a local install, but there is an error message I’m having trouble getting past:

    Warning: array_pop() [function.array-pop]: The argument should be an array in C:\Documents and Settings\...\public_html\wp-content\plugins\discography\discography.php on line 25

    It also errors on the other lines where the following code is present:

    ereg('/wp\-content/plugins/(.*)/discography\.php', __FILE__, $folder);
    $folder = get_bloginfo('wpurl') . '/wp-content/plugins/' . array_pop($folder) . '/';

    I’ve tried commenting out the ereg function and changing the $folder var to eliminate the array_pop function and instead write …/plugins/discography.php/ — it didn’t work. What am I missing here, or is it just not possible on a local install?

    Apache 2.2.3
    PHP 5.2
    MySQL: 5.0.27
    Wordpress: 2.6.2
    Running on a local dev install on Windows XP.

  • marsha says:

    using safari and firefox on macintosh ox 10.5.5 and I can not figure out how to get the songs to show up in the song list. I don’t have a little add sign anywhere. I’ve made pages and put them in media library and everything. help. this is exactly what we need.

  • daniel says:

    i just figured it out, we’ll need to work on the wording a bit but the code is great!!

    thanks dan, i’ll be in touch,

  • Nate says:

    Hey, awesome plugin. Worked like a charm. I just have one question, is there any way for me to edit the visuals, i.e. the black table border? It just sort of clashes.

    Thanks again, you’re awesome dude.

  • Hey man, looks like I need this plugin, but it seems that it is not yet compatible with the new version. Any timeframe when there will be a version of this fine plugin for 2.7?

    Cheers a bunch and keep up the good work!

    //Nemo @ ElektronikMusik

  • marcus says:

    hello guys, im using the discography plug in as a review site. but i like to know if i can show the last 10 “cds ” added to my discogrpahy or review section in the home page with a smal pic of the cd album…

    if some one knows please write me or write here for everyone can use this later…

    • Dan says:

      If you have a little PHP know how, you could certainly pull the data out of the database, or even use my plugin’s data access classes.

    • marcus says:

      thanks for the answer Dan, i will try to use the class that you say. thanks a lot

  • Robbi says:

    Silly question, but is there any way to split discographies between artists??

    I have around 6 artists on my fansite and they have a massive discography and I’d like to split it up a bit =)

  • Robbi says:

    I’m still learning PHP (beginner!) but I’m sure I’ll work it out over the next few weeks. Thanks for the quick reply, love the plugin!!

  • Krsna says:

    Hi Dan,
    You appear to me like an angel to me.
    I scaled the whole damn web and only found expensive php scripts to sell music. But i did not wanna leave the wordpress platform.
    But you know what, i may have been left far behind as i simply cant manage to use your plugin, while for some it is working like a charm.

    I managed to handle several complicated wordpress plugins but i simply cant get mp3s uploaded and make them playable/downloadble using a flash player. fancy or not fancy.

    Since you stand as the messiah for musicians who is so technical as well. Dont you think it is a good idea to have atleast one 5 minute video tutorial or something for people like me. In fact this is my second try after months with discography and i am still clueless or maybe i am loosing patience in life.

    Some help could make me a star. And you could go on to be star makers too.

  • Krsna says:

    Ok Dan I guess, i did manage to crack the ethereal code.
    And pardon me for my rants. As it is, it’s a heck of a task to handle more than 50 VSTs that i use to do my music programming. PHP stuff often gets you unnerving.
    until the next breakthrough i will keep my mouth shut. :)

  • Krsna says:

    Now even when i am trying to put a price tag to a song and the album too, it is still giving me the file to download. How to get it playin on a fancy player instead for a preview.

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