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WordPress 2.7 released and Plugin upgrades

WordPress 2.7 theme review was released yesterday and there are a lot of great changes.  I’ve been using the beta for some time now, and I can tell you that I really like the new administration panels.  The upgrade has been pretty painless for me, but the new side menus made me push out a new version of my plugins.

Both Gigs Calendar and Discography have been updated for the latest version of WordPress.  Before 2.7, the best place for the administration pages for my plugins was under “Manage”.  In 2.7, that particular section is gone, so I’ve moved them up into their own section and should appear below “Comments” in the side menu.  At some point, I may support the drop down menus that the built in menu items have.

The Gigs Calendar update also contains several important bug fixes that had not been in a previous release.

Good luck upgrading!


  • Hi Dan, great plugin by the way!

    Something I noticed in the previous version of Gig Calendar was that for the Concert Archives page, the title of the caption is “Upcoming shows” (even though they are past events)

    Also, in the Archive, if a set of events are grouped as tours, it seems to only show the most recent tour…

    I wanted each month to be divided into their own table/section (like I had done in the future tour dates), so I made each month a new ‘tour’. On the Concert Archive page it only shows the most recent month (and doesn’t split them into months/tours). I had to remove the tour label completely from past events (eg. remove the tour “November 2008″ from the event) to get previous months to show. Any ideas?

    Thanks again for the plugin,

    • Dan says:

      I think I’m going to have to specifically look into the issues you’re having. Are the gigs that show up under “Upcoming Gigs” in the most recent “tour” still? If so, I bet I can can duplicate this error easily and get a fix out for you.

    • Hi Dan, thanks for the reply

      The dates in the Archive showing under ‘Upcoming Gigs’ are indeed within the current ‘tour’ (or in my case, the current month December)

      Is there any way to split the archives into ‘tours’ (months) in the same way that the upcoming page does

      As a possible feature request, would you consider allowing the standard concert listing page to be split by month (instead of having to make each month a ‘tour’)

      I also have the same error as Pascal posted below, in that I cannot change the tour field value in Archived events. I had to go into phpMyAdmin to change that field to NULL to get the gig to show in the archive, as it wouldn’t save normally

      thanks again for your work!

    • Hi Dan,

      Do you have a fix for the problem — I cannot see any gig dates for previous month (December) on my tour archive page:

      It only shows November and January, and the past events for the current month displays under (‘Upcoming shows’) – which is an incorrect title :)

  • Pascal Berger says:

    Hi Dan,
    Thank you very much for your plugins. Since the update to version 0.4.2 of the gigs calendar I’m unable to change gigs in the archive though. They open for editing and I try to add a special field to it, but clicking on save gig won’t do anything. Also changing an existing special field doesn’t seem to work.

    I also have some feature request:
    – Possibility to add Line-Up to an Event. I use this plugin for an association which promotes different artists at different locations. Currently I can workaround this by using the event name field for the line-up
    – Possibility to customize the event archiv list in the administration interface. I would like to show the event name column there also (like in the view of future concerts).
    – Possibility to disable the whole age restriction stuff since this is less common here in switzerland.
    – Possibility to disable the tour stuff


    • Dan says:

      I’m going to email you about the archive problem.

      “Possibility to add Line-Up to an Event.”

      That might be a useful feature. I’ll add it to my list and think about it as I move forward with development. No promises though.

      “Possibility to customize the event archiv list in the administration interface”

      I think that was just an oversight. I’ll probably make that table match the other one.

      “Possibility to disable the whole age restriction stuff”

      You could just ignore the field and hide it with some CSS in your theme.

      “Possibility to disable the tour stuff”

      I’ll make it so that when you disable the tours, it will remove the tab and inputs from the interface.

  • Chris says:

    This is great! We are actually a community theatre group but this plugin will really help.

    There is one feature that would be awesome! The ability to choose multi dates and times for an event.

    For example, we do shows Monday, Thurs, and Sat. On the event entry screen we could select a START DATE and an END DATE for the event. Then, on submit, we’re shown another option (or, before submit w/ AJAX) to set the DAYS and TIMES within the event period. So, for example if a even is set for DEC 12 – DEC 16 they could select which days exactly and set a time for each day. So, on the screen are the dates with checkboxes

    (*) FRIDAY DEC 12 TIME: 8:00 (PM)
    (*) SATURDAY DEC 13 TIME: 8:00 (PM)
    ( ) SUNDAY DEC 14 TIME: 8:00 (PM)
    ( ) MONDAY DEC 15 TIME: 8:800 (PM)
    (*) TUESDAY DEC 16 TIME: 6:600 (PM)

    So, this event would be posted 3x. For Dec 12 @ 8PM, Dec 13 @ 8PM, and Dec 16 @ 8PM.

    Once posted they can act individually. So really the change is just in creating multiple event entries for a single “event”.

    Is this possible?

    • Dan says:


      It’s possible and I do have multiple dates and recurring gigs in my list for future enhancements. I know that the way it’s set up is not ideal for things like theater groups, but I have to focus on making it as good as possible for bands. That said, I’m very happy that other people have found it useful too.

    • Harlo says:

      Hey Dan,

      I’m going to go ahead and throw my voice behind the multiple dates feature… I’m using your plugin for a vintage auto racing calendar on my blog, and these events are weekend-long.

      Your point about focusing attention on the needs of bands is a good one, but bands play multi-day festivals, no? (maybe i’m stretching a bit).

      anyway, excellent plugin, very feature rich — and i’ve installed an tested just about every calendaring app on in the past few days.

    • Dan says:


      I’m kinda mulling it over in my head to see how I might be able to do it, but I’m not sure when it would come down the pipe.

      Bands do play multiple-day festivals, but I would think it would be more useful for them to list the date(s) and time(s) that they were actually playing instead of the dates of the festival.

  • krabbe says:

    Hey Dan,
    thank you so much for your plugins. They seem to be exactly what I was looking for.
    I am working on a band-site and I would like to have the “add songs”- or “add new gig”-stuff in the backend as easy as possible, and your plugins are like that, easy to use.

    There is only one “urgent” request (or question) about Discography:
    Is it possible to put the groups/albums into separate pages?
    And have a sidebar-widget with a list of all albums (with or without album-art)?

    That feature would fit perfect my needs and make you a donation-candidate no.1 ;-)

  • krabbe says:

    oh, one more thing: is there a way to include css in an extra file? At the moment it’s in the discography.php, right?

    • Dan says:

      You can include CSS through your theme. You should be able to override anything that the plugin includes. At some point Discography will have templates like Gigs Calendar.

  • krabbe says:

    I found some more questions ;-)
    Maybe you should think about setting up a forum for support.

    I want to use the Gig Calendar to display a list of tour-dates without links to single gigs. Where can I disable the link? Maybe you can add that to the dropdown-menu in settings…

    Thanx again for this great plugin!

  • Jason says:

    We have been using your gigs plugin and its has been wondergul especially since the musician is on tour 12,000 miles away.

    One of the features we like is the Map look-ups as some gig locations are quite small and non English speaking so a good map is essential.

    Thanks again for this. It is brilliant for a working muso.

  • Toni L says:

    I’ve been testing these plugin for a while, and now my friend(arist) would want to use this plugin.

    My simple Question is:

    Is it possible to translate the displayed field names eg. ‘Location’, ‘Venue’ etc. in one file?

    Or do I have to change the name Location, in everywhere it’s introduced in the code?

  • Renato says:

    Hi, great plug-in! It is live on but I have a question, for some reason the text is not matching the theme of the site and I do not see settings for it, where can i edit the code to match the theme of change the text color?

    Any help is appreciated!

    Happy Holidays!

  • Ryan Bruce says:

    I sent you a bug report via the integrated support channel but I figured I’d mirror my thanks here. Your project has saved me a ton of time looking into a way for my friends to easily enter their concert venue info.

    It’s greatly appreciated and I look forward to seeing what you have down the line.


  • krabbe says:

    Hi Dan,

    I have a little feature-request for Gig Calendar.
    In the backend it would help a lot, if the columns would be sortable. So that you can sort the gigs and venues according to the date, the venue or the city and so on.

    Thank you and regards,

  • MDL says:

    Hi Dan!

    I’ve downloaded the last version of Discography but is not working with WP 2.7.
    Once activated it just realease so many php errors and nothing more.

    • Dan says:


      I may need a login to your blog. I’ll email you about it.

    • Alejo says:

      Same with me, i was testing out new wp2.7 and new plugins, when i activate discography it gives me the following error on top of the page

      Warning: array_pop() [function.array-pop]: The argument should be an array in I:\FerozoWebHosting\\public_html\_wpdev\wp-content\plugins\discography\discography.php on line 628

  • Clifford says:

    Hey Dan,
    Love the plugin, and can’t wait to get it up on a new site i’m designing, however for some unknown reason all i’m getting is a blank page on designated page upon installation & setup.

    i have tried installing the same theme on another blog i operate, then installing the plugin, and it all ran perfectly. maybe something with my server? help please!

    Thanks to anyone or everyone ahead of time.

    • Dan says:

      Dude, if you’re going to use a porno gravatar, you need to rate it appropriately. Not everyone wants to see that.

      Regarding your problem, it’s almost certainly another plugin’s javascript interfering with my plugin. Some plugins include the Javascript on every single page, even if it isn’t needed, so it can break other plugins that behave in a much more civilized fashion.

  • Peter says:

    Hi Dan!

    Thanks a lot for your Plugins! I’m using Gigs Calendar on two sites and I have some suggestions for your further develepment (maybe you can also call them feature requests ;-) )

    * Possibility to add an image as a flyer
    * Possibility to add the prices for pre-selling and the usual door-price
    * Possibility to add start and end date like chris wrote before
    * Possibility to add custom fields that are displayed in the backend (special fields are not very handy for users because the name of the fields has to be typed each time you want to use it)

    Thanks again for your great work!

  • Bryan says:

    Hi! I am about to upgrade WP and the Gigs Calendar plugin (which I absolutely love!) but just wanted to make sure I’m prepared before diving in. Should I just be able to upgrade WP and then drop in the newest version of the plugin and have everything keep working? as int maintain the existing database of events that I’ve already entered through the Gig Calendar without any weirdness (assuming both upgrades go as planned)? Thanks!

    • Dan says:

      You should be able to upgrade them in any order. The only thing is that if you upgrade WordPress to 2.7 and don’t upgrade the plugin, the menu will be in an awkward place (under the Tools menu).

  • Bryan says:

    Done and done! Great job on the upgrade, thanks!

  • rob alferi says:

    Dan, I have a small issue on this plugin.
    I downloaded it a lot of months ago now and I added quite a great number of shows to my list (more or less 150) without any trouble.
    Lately, I’ve upgraded my WP to version 2.7 and today I NEED to add my next show due on Feb 26th but I simply can not perform the operation.
    The screenshot you may find at the address: speaks for itself!
    I’ve tried deleting ALL the plugin installed and then to install from scratch your plugin as suggested in this page for the jscript problem but I had no luck at all.
    Do you have any advice?

    Same trouble on my band’s blog but after 3 or 4 times I’ve been able to add it… []

    Thank you in advance.

  • Peter says:

    Hi Dan!

    Thanks for your prompt reply. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to try it out yet. But I stumbled upon two new things:

    Is it possible to use Gig Calendar with SSL-Login? I tried to use define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true); but the loading prozess didn’t end in the Gigs-backend. After resetting WP back to normal login-mode the Calendar worked as usual.

    Another point is the template output of the address data. Are there other methods available then just getAddress()); ?>? In Germany we usually use the order ZIP-code, name of the city and then streetname. Because all of the events listed in the calendar are in Germany it would also be nice to avoid the output of the countryname.

    I tried some phrases like getStreet()); ?> and searched the API, but I had no success so far.

    Thanks again!

    • Dan says:


      You should be able to do something like

      echo $venue->address . “, ” . $venue->city;

      That would access the data fields directly, instead of using the function to aggregate them. Look at your MySQL table to see the columns available.

  • Peter says:

    Thanks a lot Dan!

    Worked perfect! Any idea about the SSL-issue?


  • Hi Dan, I have a suggestion for a new feature for the plugin

    Rather than having to manually enter each tour date and venue (say for example you wanted to put 4 years worth of archived gigs on your website), is there any way to make it so you can just upload a .CSV or text file with all the tour dates/venues on and the plugin/Wordpress takes care of the rest?

  • Nick says:

    I’d like to share the general consensus of your Discography plugin as being fantastic, but I cannot seem to get it to work at all.

    Every time I attempt to add a song to an album, the song is not saved, and I end up with nothing there. I don’t know how to fix this issue, but it renders the plugin unusable. I’ve tried to do this is both Safari and Firefox, and to no avail.

  • toinerz says:

    Thank you for this great plugin! Is it possible to edit the Dutch .po file?

  • Jamie says:

    I love Gig Calendar it is the perfect fit for my website. But like asked would it be possible to allow the upload of a .csv file to make it easier for mass adding gigs? Also I am pretty new to all this, and I had some noob question and one far fetched feature request. First the question

    -Can I change the title of the widget? If so where would I do this, I have been looking forever in the php files

    And the feature request, think it would be possible to have an actual calendar? Like “event calendar” just a seperate page which shows a month to month calendar with events as clickable dots or whatnot. And maybe even have the same thing in the form as a small calendar widget.

    This plugin has been a godsend, thank you so much for your help and dedication to this….

    • Dan says:

      There is no method in the plugin to let you import files. You would have to have a custom script to import the file for you.

      Yes, you should be able to change the title of the widget in the widget’s settings. That’s under Appearance > Widgets.

      I’ve considered adding a calendar display, but I don’t know if most bands would care as much about that as some other features that people have requested.

  • Örjan says:

    Thanks for the plugin, you just made my life easier.

    Two questions.

    1) I want to have to separate calendars is that possible?

    2)I muddled around with the templates a bit, but I can’t seem to find a permalink tag in gigs-list.
    Since I didn’t want the default setup I made my own table:

    <a href="link; ?>" title="date; ?> - eventName; ?>">date; ?>
    time; ?>
    name; ?>, cityState; ?>
    eventName ?>

  • Örjan says:

    Sorry for the double post, but some things was removed in my original post.

    link; ?>" title=" echo $g->date; ?> - echo $g->eventName; ?>"> echo $g->date; ?>

    echo $p->time; ?>

    echo $g->name; ?>, echo $g->cityState; ?>

    echo $g->eventName ?>

  • David Cooper says:

    Hi there,

    My webhost recently suffered a hack attack and had to set up my account on a new server. The Gigs Calendar plug in worked fine until they moved my old database across. Now it doesn’t work at all and produces the following error in the widget list, whilst not allowing any admin access or displaying the calendar at all:

    Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/thereign/public_html/wp-content/plugins/gigs-calendar/gigs-calendar.php on line 464

    I have tried de-activating and re-activating the plug-in, deleting the plug-in and database tables and re-installing the plug-in from scratch but nothing makes any difference. The only thing that has changed is the old database being bolted in.

    The server is running PHP5 and I am using the latest versions of the plug-in and WordPress.

    Any ideas?

  • Roy says:

    Hi Dan

    There’s a couple of things I can’t seem to figure out.

    I’m trying to pull the “notes” and the “ticket” field into the upcoming widget. $g->ticket worked fine but $g->notes doesn’t. Is there a way to pull in notes into the widget as well?

    Secondly I love the fact that there is a Dutch translation, it’s just that I can’t get it activated :) . I changed my wordpress localization but the calendar doesn’t change with it.

    I really appreciate your help.

  • Eva says:

    Thanks for your plugin! I’ve been using it plugin for about a year. Today, every time I added a new gig, no matter what date I selected, a date of 01/16/08 was entered. This date appeared on the publicly viewable pages while the correct date appeared while inside the Gigs Calendar admin area. I upgraded both WordPress and Gigs Calendar to the latest versions, but I still have this problem. Do you have any ideas?

  • Kathy says:

    Dan, this is a fantastic plugin.

    I am wondering about how to implement it in a template that has specific templates for specific pages. I want the calendar to appear on a page called “Gigs” and that page is associated with a template called gig.php

    If I set the page to the default template, the calendar appears fine. If I set it to the special template, it doesn’t appear. I’m not skilled enough to know how to overcome this. Can you help?

  • J says:

    I have a question: any idea why my discography page is showing up like this:

    I would appreciate any help. It was working at one point and then I changed something and it decided to look like this :(

  • Topher@brainspiral.c says:

    Thanks for a wonderful plugin!

    One feature request – The ability to store multiple “bands” just like “venues.” This would be extremely helpful for musicians who play regularly with a variety groups.


  • Matthew Rounds says:

    Hi Dan,

    I looked around on your site and didn’t see this question come up so I figured I would ask here.

    I see that you have the widget for upcoming shows and that is great! However, I was thinking of putting something similar on the home page of wordpress (using it as a CMS), showing the first three shows (more/less) with a link to view the complete calendar.

    Today I will read through the templates and appearance files as you mentioned in other posts, to see if I can find the php loop to copy. Until then, or even afterword, are there any tips or suggestions you can give me to help me out?

    Thanks in advance for your help and thanks for a great plugin. I’m looking forward to all of the changes you’ve discussed in previous comments.


    • Dan says:

      There are two approaches. You could register an extra dynamic sidebar through your theme and place the upcoming gigs widget there. That sidebar could go anywhere on your home page.

      Otherwise, you can use the dtc_gigs::generateList function and pass it a template file (you could probably reuse the widget template) and a couple of options to get what you want. Look at the widget_upcoming method in the gigs-calendar.php file to see an example of this.

  • Greg says:

    Hey Dan, great plug-in. It seems like it will work great. I am creating a new site for my brother, and I need it to be simple for him to be able to update, so I thought a wordpress one would be perfect. My only question is when looking at the calendar, there isn’t a link to the full post. An earlier post was asking how to remove that feature, but I’m not getting it. The link to the venue and map work great. The only way to get to the full posting through the admin menu, then I can navigate through them. I’ve gone through the settings and maybe I’m missing something. Thanks! Here is the temp site location

  • Daniel says:

    Hello Dan,

    I was just wondering whether any solution has come up concerning define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true); in the config.php? i can also confirm that it hangs on the loading graphic on every page of the admin.


  • ZM Wright says:

    I just installed the latest discography plugin to my site and for some reason the icon for streaming, that appeared initially, has vanished. I checked the song settings and album settings. Streaming is enabled, however the icon has vanished.

    Also when the icon was present, after the initial installation of the plugin, pressing it did nothing. I would press that black arrow and no music would play.

    The sample file that I’m using is stored on my server at

    What should i do?

  • karen says:

    hi dan, thanks for that. it seems there was a conflict with tubepress. i’ve deactivated (though i do need it), and i’m no longer getting the array_pop errors, but it’s still not working.

    i’ve installed it on another site and i can add / edit albums but have no access to any songs or anything on that one.

    not sure if the update is more to do with the array_pop or just general functionality, but thanks for the quick reply!

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