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Gigs Calendar 0.4.3

I’ve just tagged the 0.4.3 release of Gigs Calendar.  This version lets you use the plugin with the FORCE_SSL_ADMIN setting in WordPress.  If you have any other favorite bugs that you’d like me to look into, let me know.  I’ve got a list of some, but it can’t hurt to remind me.


  • Matthew says:


    This plugin altered the image link(s) in the gigs list. My ticket link disappeared when I upgraded.

    That’s okay, because I’m modifying the plugin and think a “Buy Tickets” text link would look better. I edited some template files (gigs-list.php, next-widget.php, upcoming-widget.php) and put them into the following directory: [wp-content/gigs-templates/mygigstemplate]. There are no changes to my site when I add these files.

    After clearing my cache, checking and double checking, I decided to just drop these files into the “basic” folder in gigs-calendar/templates and the changes were made. I know this is unsafe because if I accidentally click upgrade, my changes will be wiped.

    Can you please look into this?

  • Kirk Ward says:


    I would like to place the gigs calendar in a custom location on a page, but I cannot find instructions for how to do this. I see the option in the drop down box under general options, but cannot figure out what to do after that. Any place I can find the instructions?

    Also, I would like to create forms for outsiders can list venues, tours, and gigs for inclusion in the calendar. I would then approve the inclusion or posting. Is that possible? If so, can you tell me how?

    Kirk Ward

    • Dan says:

      You should be able to put [gigs-calendar] into any page to have the calendar inserted wherever you want.

      As for the form you’re asking about. The plugin doesn’t currently have that functionality. With a little PHP know how, it could be added, but it isn’t there now because I haven’t had the time to put it in.

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