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Gigs Calendar 0.4.4

I’ve just put up a bug fix release.  If you upgraded to 0.4.3, you might have noticed that the icons in the calendar list broke suddenly.  That was a pretty simple mistake that I made and it should be fixed now.  Also, I’ve added Finnish and Spanish translations that two contributors were kind enough to provide.


  • jj says:

    i just upgraded to latest version 0.4.4

    in the admin i can no longer drag and drop the gigs in order

    the gigs are not appearing in correct order meaning they are not appearing in order of when they happen …. one day has 2 gigs and the earlier one is displaying after the one at night.

    any ideas should i try to find the old installation of your plugin the last known working? (think it came out dec something 2008)

    thanks its a very badly needed plugin!

    • Dan says:

      You’ve never been able to drag and drop gigs. You might be thinking of the Discography plugin where you can drag and drop songs.

      The issue with two gigs on the same day not sorting in the order of their performance times is a known bug that exists in previous versions. I will probably have a fix for it in the next major release.

  • Ralph says:

    how do you change the color of the type? i have the calendar on a black background.

    • Dan says:

      You can add a CSS style to your theme’s styles.css file to change the text’s color. My plugin doesn’t set the color of the fonts or table background, so there is probably something in your theme that is doing that.

  • Dachande says:

    Hi Dan,

    I’ve encountered a problem with your gigs-calendar plugin when using an rss feed. As gigs are normally planned weeks or months in advance the corresponding articles in wordpress get dates way in the future. The gigs are set to not show up on my rss feed but the pubDate in the feed is still set to the latest article in my blog (almost certantly always a gig) and therefore the feed never gets updated until a new gig is placed after the latest one.

    A workaround for this might be to update the latest gig every time a new article is posted in my blog so the pubDate in the feed get’s updated, too, but that’s not really a good way of doing it. Do you have an idea how this could be fixed?

    Thank you and keep up the good work.


  • Shaun Davis says:

    Hi I have installed your gigs calendar plugin and I just wanted to say GREAT JOB. Its a really good plugin that has added great features to my website.

    Quick question.

    I have added the calendar to a page I created called gig guide. I have stuck the archive on a page called past gigs…. nothing special there. But I didnt want all of the posts going under uncategorized so I created a category called “Gig Guide” which now shows in my categories menu. – Is there any way I can hide my category so that it doesnt show in my menu?

    Also I wanted to make is so that the past gigs tab was hidden on the page menu. I was just going to put one line of text saying “for previous gigs click here” but once I hide the page using the “exclude pages from navigation” plugin, the past gigs page cannot be sellected from within Gigs Calendar plugin – Is there a work around for this as well.

    Hiding the category would be the most important thing for me at the moment though.

    Cheers and thanks again for a great plugin

  • kev says:

    Thanks for the sweet plug!

    Is there any way to display an actual mini map to replace the map icon?

  • Niall says:

    Awesome plugin man. thanks a mil. only thing to suggest – don’t allow a gig to be added if it has no venue?

  • Jeremy says:

    Is it possible to create a page to list the Tours?

  • Orange Amps says:

    Nice, its lookin good!

  • Hi – believe it or not, I’m attempting to use your excellent plugin for the events listings for an entire fringe festival (, but behind the scenes at the moment) – tours = genres, event names = acts.

    Here’s a crucial question, though: it occurred to me I could import my data (as there’s so much) directly into the _gig and _performance tables, which would save me a huge effort. But now it occurs to me: does that mean the actual WordPress posts wouldn’t be generated? Or would they? If you can answer this, I’m hoping you may make my day! Many thanks

  • fretbuzz says:

    I had to copy my wp folder and create a different wordpress blog. Unfortunately it broke all the links to my gigs. is there a way to get the gig calender to repopulate? I tried importing the previous blogs export file, but to no avail. All that did is move them to the blog posts.


    • Dan says:

      You probably need to export your database tables from phpMyAdmin and then import them into your new database.

    • fretbuzz says:

      I use the same database.

    • Dan says:

      Are you pointing at the exact same database, or did you recreate your database using the other blog’s export file from the WordPress admin panel?

    • fretbuzz says:

      I did as you said the new tables are missing the data.

      I am not sure how to (or what will happen if I) import back in the exported tables since the tables I need these to go to have a different prefix.

  • I’ve partly answered my own question having tried a single test entry: no, the WP post isn’t generated – the calendar generates correctly but the post isn’t found (‘cos it doesn’t exist!). I tried editing the gig within the plugin controls and then resaving, but that still doesn’t create the WP post.

    I realise there might not be – but is there a way to generate a whole load of posts from the gig tables all at once?

  • Peter says:

    Hi Dan,

    is there a guide, how to update the plugin? I would do it this way:

    1. Backup
    2. Overwriting all files
    3. Testing

    Maybe it would be useful (for other users) to publish some instructions along with every new release.


  • Peter says:

    Great! It worked perfect and was as easy and comfortable as never before! :)

  • I simple deleted the folder in my WP-plugin directory and uploaded the new version, it activated it in my admin, now its no where to be seen in my ‘manage’ view/screen. Im using WP2.6 – please help!

  • Eva Holmes says:

    Has anyone else come across the following bug in IE7?

    I click ‘Add New Venue.’ The form loads and appears on screen for two seconds. All the form fields disappear. This does not happen in Chrome. I’m using 0.4.4 and WordPress 2.7.

    • Dan says:

      Currently, the back end is not fully compatible with IE7, which is mentioned in the readme.txt file. The next major release should bring IE7 compatibility.

  • Lon Winters says:

    Thank you for your time and effort on this plugin. One small question – I’d like to have the Upcoming Gigs widget display the event name and not the city. Is this by design for now, or is there a setting that I’m missing?

  • Lon Winters says:

    Thanks! I’m still finding my way around WP, forgot that widgets had settings! (insert slapping forehead animated gif icon here)

  • Jon Fox says:

    What’s the trick to get 0.4.4 to work in WP2.7.1

    No admin pages. I had a site on the backburner for a while. I upfraded and it all went pear shaped.


  • Greg Watts says:

    I’m having a problem ever since I switched to Tour mode. The different tables aren’t lining up. Any ideas? Great plugin by the way. I’m doing this site for free for my brothers band, but I will be getting up with him about donating since it’s going to save him so much time! :)

    • Dan says:


      The tables are all dynamically sized. What you need to do is define widths for each column. If you look at the HTML, you’ll see that there are CSS classes on all of the fields. If you set the width of each of those columns in CSS, you’ll get the same column widths in every table.

  • Mário says:

    I’m using you Gig Calendar on a friend site, but he uses IE only and the Venues form doesn’t display, do you have a date for a compatibility update?

    • Dan says:

      I don’t currently have a date. Right now, I’m focusing most of my new feature development on a few paying projects (including an overhaul of the Discography plugin). Once those are done, I may come back to do a similar overhaul of the gigs calendar and bring in IE7 support.

    • Greg says:

      My brother had this same problem. The good thing was it forced him to install Firefox.

  • Greg Watts says:

    Figured it out, Thanks! One more thing, for some reason on IE, I get a Not Found when clicking on the actual gig, but I’m not getting it on Firefox. Any ideas? I did change some settings, so I was going to go back and re-enter all of the gigs.

    • Dan says:

      Which version of IE are you using? I’ve tried it in IE6-8 and haven’t been able to duplicate that error.

    • Greg says:

      I think it was from me changing a bunch of settings, I just went in and deleted the old dates and re-entered them. Everything’s cool now. Thanks for the reply!! Oh yeah, it had been doing it in Safari too, but stopped once I redid the dates.

  • Darfuria says:

    Are there any plans to be able to do a function call on the gigs, as I’d like to embed this into the sidebar instead of a page, and change the way it is displayed.

    Great start though ;)

    • Dan says:

      If you’ve got a widgetized sidebar in your theme, you could add the widget and edit the template.

      Otherwise… look in the “widget_upcoming” method in the gigs-calendar.php file. You want the to use the function call to dtc_gigs::generateList() that’s in there.

  • Amanda says:

    Hello, I LOVE your plugin. :)
    Any idea why this is happening?

    I thought it was my template so I re-installed all the files and switched back to the default template and it’s still happening.

    Thanks for any help or advice!


  • Daniel says:

    Hello again Dan,

    Thanks for the quick fixing with the ssl situation… just wondering whether there was a way to control the viewing of the settings page/the whole plugin using the role manager plugin?

    Many thanks

  • drummerman says:

    I love this plugin. It works well for what I like. I do ask that you add “Repeats”, with an option to have another gig overwrite the date. I do shows in the summer where I am at a place every Thursday. Would like to say repeat – 12 weeks, or repeat – forever.

    The overwrite would happen if I schedule another gig over that day. That way it will show correctly where I am at.


  • Ian says:

    Hey, wanted to say I really like your Gigs Calendar plugin, after experimenting with a few yours works the best even though all I needed was a regular events calendar.

    I had one recommendation though, I want to use the notes from the gig (not the short notes, but the regular ones) on the gigs-list.php page, which I thought I would be able to, but had to make a modification to your gigs-calendar.php file first.

    The gig’s notes aren’t available because the ‘notes’ field from the database gets overwritten by the venue’s ‘notes’ field, the change was simple.

    Around line 655 and 675 (two places where you pull the gig’s info from the db), just change

    *, as gigID, as venueLink


    g.notes as gigNotes, as gigID, as venueLink

    Then I could access the notes via gigNotes.

    Anyway, hope you’ll include that in your next version so I can upgrade normally and not have to rehack it, if not I’ll deal though :-)



    • Dan says:


      Thanks for pointing out this oversight. I’ve actually added “gigNotes” and “venueNotes” and left the current “notes” field as-is. That’ll be out in the next bug fix.

  • Ian says:


    Been using it a bit more tonight and noticed that I keep getting an empty div with a break inside at the top of the gig posts, which is bumping my gig post down.

    My post in WP is blank (at least by WP standards), so I dug through the code and found this bit in gigs-calendar.php, about line 300 (or something close).
    $out = ”. $in .”. $out;
    } else {
    $out = $in;

    If you change it to
    if(strip_tags($in) == ”)
    $in = ”. $in .”;
    $in = ”;

    $out = $in . $out;
    } else {
    $out = $in;

    It will remove that blank div. All it does is check if $in = a break and if so, ignore it.

    Thanks again!


  • Ian says:

    Just noticed the [div] tags have been stripped out of my above post, but I’m sure you understand what I mean.



  • Greg says:

    just realized something. All of the links relating to the gigs calendar or the gigs calendar widget, link to the page that you are currently on. If I’m on the calendar page, all of the links that are supposed to go to the post, just link to the calendar page. And the Next Gig link, links to the current page your on as well. Have you seen this before?

    • Dan says:

      I don’t think I’ve seen this. I’ll shoot you an email about this.

    • Greg says:

      Realized that my brother had deleted all of the posts for each gig date. There was nowhere for the links to go, so it would just send the link back to itself. This is actually pretty awesome, that way it’s not sending the user to a 404 page. Is this a gig calendar feature, or does wordpress perform thata operation??

  • Brad says:

    Hi Dan, im using conditional statments in the sidebar and was wondering what php i would need to call the upcoming gigs, this sort of thing:

    call the up coming gigs

    • Dan says:

      Brad, look in the gigs-calendar.php file at the “widget_upcoming” function. Specifically the generateList call.

    • Brad says:

      thanks Dan, im looking but i am more a designer than coder so am not sure how to go about using that php, is it possible to give me an example? I just want to hard code the up coming gig widget into my sidebar.

  • Brad says:

    sorry i forgot it wouldnt show!


    if (is_home()) {

    upcoming gigs call

  • Simone says:


    I’m having a little problem. I create a page it’s called Event when I post the Upcoming gigs and the archive.

    The goggle’s site link it’s able only for the past gigs in the archive, In the upcomings gigs I see the world icon but the link is disable. If I go in the post upcoming gigs article I see a link (map) and is able. Why?

  • Simone says:

    I find the problem it’s in the page not in the plug-in

    well, thanks

  • Hi Dan,

    Would it be possible to make Gigs Calendar compatible with qTranslate? It seems to behave kind of strange with it right now :)

    Thanks for an otherwise great, simple, nice plugin!

    • Dan says:


      What problems are you seeing? I installed it but didn’t see any obvious problems.

      If you could create a login for me and send it to me, I might be able to spot the problems more easily.

    • All other plugins I use seem to be kind of language-aware, in the sense that depending on the main language, they choose the right .mo automatically. I use Dutch and English on my site (check the link and click ‘Shows’ to see it in action). Gigs Calendar seems to confuse things, and uses a mix of the two languages.

    • Dan says:

      It is possible that there are strings that I forgot to wrap the i18n functions around. Also, I’m not sure when the Dutch translation included with the plugin was last updated. Can you send me some of the strings that aren’t being translated?

  • Roland says:

    hey, awesome plug-in! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to let Author-level users add gigs as well as Administrators. I found an old thread on the WP forums about this but it seems that that method doesn’t work any more (changing the minimum user level in gig-calendar.php from 7 to 1) – I’m guessing because the newest version works differently.

    Any idea how I can get the Authors to be able to add gigs?

  • Roland says:

    You should be able to change the minimum level in the plugin’s settings.

    Ah yes, I see it now. I think I missed it before because I was looking for “adding gigs” or something similar rather than “administer the calendar”. Thanks!

  • Brad says:

    ive set up a site with gigs calender, works great on my mac firefox browser, my friend is using it on IE 8 (i think) and when clicking on the edit button in either current or archived gigs nothing happens..any ideas?

    • Dan says:

      The back end of this plugin does not fully work in Internet Explorer (as noted in the readme). That will change when I have the chance to go through and revamp this as I am doing with Discography, but it’s a ways off. For now, he can use Firefox, Chrome or Safari to administer it.

  • Erica says:

    Is there anyway to change them being called gigs in the widget, etc?

  • perry says:

    I really love your plugin. We’re using to display a bunch of events that happen around our city at different venues.

    However, one question, is there *any* easy way to create repeat events? We have some events that are weekly, some that are monthly…at the moment i’m entering all weekly events by hand.

    Is there any plan to add “repeat event” functionality?

    thank you so much. I love your plugin!


    Is Gigs Calendar compatible with WordPress 2.8? Has anyone tested it yet?

    • Dan says:

      It’s running fine on my dev site under WP 2.8. I’ve also had several reports from people that it is running fine in 2.8.

  • matt says:

    Great Plugin man! Thanks for bringing this to the community! One question- how do I control the number of gigs for the sidebar widget?

  • matt says:

    Found it! There is a difference between next gig and upcoming gigs… thanks Dan!!!

  • matt says:

    How about posting just the sidebar widgets in a page or post? Like the ‘nextgig’ or upcoming gigs’?

    What I mean is- it would be great to only have next gig in a sidebar but on the home page show the next 5 gigs…

    Is there a shortcode for that?

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