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Discography v1.0 Wishlist

I am probably going to be working on a revamped version of my Discography plugin before too long.  I am hoping to make it much more usable and stable.  I also want to get a list of the ultimate features that you, the users, would like to have.  This is about you after all.  Once I have an idea of what the community wants and what is doable, I will probably make a survey to let people vote on their most urgent needs.

If you’ve got a pie-in-the-sky feature, leave a comment on this post to let me know.  Go ahead and leave a comment even if you know I’ve mentioned something before.  I don’t want to let anything slip through the cracks if it is important.


  • Kevin says:

    First of all thanks for this awesome plugin. what I miss most is the possibility to customise the appearance a bit more. While I love the plugin and the easy integration into wordpress, I would really appreciate the possibility to tweak it a bit more and fit it in better to my website. We are from Germany and have small label. Our website is based on wordpress and the plugin is just perfect for us but it appears quite large in our website and I would dig if we could make it more compact? maybe have like a separation line between each release and so on – do you need like a separate stylesheet or something? Another thing is with the ALBUMS function. If I type in an artist and a title it only shows the title and not the artist. I worked around it and used the categories for the “release title” and Album title for the Artist name … anyway check out our site then you will see. Again thanks for putting your time into this stuff! shouts from Germany!

  • Matt Green says:

    First up I love Discography, it has made my life so much easier and thank you for having the brains to think it up for us.

    Currently though I do not feel that the plugin best suits my needs, although I’m sure plenty of others do not have this problem.

    Basically my catalog consists of a lot of duplicate songs on different releases, however they are often different versions of the same track.

    So say if I have a single which includes an acoustic, instrumental, remix, live version, radio edit all of the same song, I find myself doing a lot of duplication interms of the song page details. I find myself copying + pasting lyrics, composers, recording artist etc etc.

    So for me it would be fantastic if Discography supported multiple versions of a track.

    I would love it if all versions would link up to one global song page, containing all the global song information. Also then listing all the different versions that exist of the track (with audio preview for each). And then also a free type field for each version where we can include specific credits for each like ‘additional production’ or ‘recorded live at..’ etc.

    pie-in-the-sky i know, but you asked for it.

    The other thing that would be cool is if there were some level of formatting controlled via the plugin. Perhaps there could be a couple of preset styles / formats that we can then either use as is or go in and edit ourselves. Different ways of grouping releases. Perhaps seperate pages for EPs and Full albums. This is probably all possible now, but the more formatting handled via the plugin the better :)

  • Kasel says:

    it does not working with lastest wp

  • Jeramiah says:

    Hey could you set up a demo page/demo blog so we can see this working before downloading and installing? , also, is not working with WP 2.7 as pointed out above… been looking for something like this for ages….keen to get it working.


    • Dan says:

      If you’d like to see the output of the plugin, you could see it in action over at Groovelily’s site:

      As far as I can tell, the old version is working with WordPress 2.7.1. I’ve got several clients using it on that, in fact. It is quite possible that there is another plugin interfering with the Javascript or you are using an unsupported browser. If you’d like to send me a login to your blog, you can fill out the comment form (linked below) and I can see if the problem is obvious.

      The next major update should resolve many of the browser and Javascript problems that people have been having.

  • Jeramiah says:

    great thanks dan, i have sent you a email. cheers for the reply, looks great by the way… so perfect for what i need ! thanks.

  • santiao says:

    Hi, your plugin is nice, thank you. but can you add a slug for song in v1.0? because i get a 404 page if my song name is Chinese character.
    sorry for my bad english, can not describe in detail.

  • santiao says:

    Oh, I find a way to fix my problem now. i disactive the plugin and change the page in chinese title, and reactive plugin, it works. haha!
    still want the slug i ask for~

  • Jeramiah says:

    Cool got it working !, its great, my feature request would be HTML in the top section so you can write links to reviews ect, or even just a album page, like how you have the song pages. so you can include reviews, info artwork on a separate page. another thing is the music player (not the tag player) is a little tricky with a double click to activate, and is there some kind of javascript to prevent 2 players playing at the same time? i got into the classes.php file and changed the sizes of the player button. does it support the other parameters that the player has, eg background colors ect…? other than that, its great. cheers. J

  • Jeramiah says:

    oh and a category menu would be ideal. drop box or otherwise, so you dont have to scroll down a really long page.

  • Pierre says:

    Hi, My wish list will to include the translation… I can make it for you into french and spanish but I don’t know a word of programming… I am trying to make wordpress work for a folk french music group and I found your plugin very usefull, I ‘ll probably use gigpress too… If you can explain or send the files with the words to be translated, I’ll do it with pleasure. Hoping it could help.

  • Kevin says:

    Hey, some good ideas coming together here. I have one more: currently you can only select one release image. so obviously you select like a 100 to 150px image to show. it would be really cool if it were possible to put a link on the image so on click you can see a larger format image in a pop-up of the release cover or link to a separate release page. Just a thought.

  • Gary says:

    Is there a demo to see?

  • karen says:

    i’m getting an error:
    Warning: array_pop() [function.array-pop]: The argument should be an array in E:\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\discography\discography.php on line 36

    and the admin isn’t loading. i’ve done some searching and i’ve noticed others have this error on the wp forums…

    anybody have a fix?

    • Dan says:


      In version 0.1x there are some browser compatibility problems. That will be fixed in the next major release (0.2). I’ll look into that other error message.

  • Tad Dreis says:

    My requests:

    1. Update Google Analytics to the newer, non-urchintracker version.

    2. Option to have “Free!” smiley link to the song info page, where the mp3 link would be, rather than just a direct link to the mp3 file.

    3. Tabs within album info page for additional arbitrary info – eg user-generated content, tablature, etc

    Basically, any and all functionality seen on Jonathan Coulton’s page is desired :)

    Awesome plugin, thanks so much for your work, Dan!

  • Robert says:

    I agree with Jeremiah on this. I have a lot of songs and they all can’t fit on one page. Some sort of category or something like that so I can put different albums on different pages.

    Thanks for the great work!!

  • Jeramiah says:

    Hey Dan, until you get the new version sorted is there a way to remove the track-list links to the separate pages as i dont really need that and a way to HTML up in the album description area to link to sub pages about the album? cool. cheers. J

  • Karin says:


    I would love to contribute with your plugin… Have you made any change from version 0.7? If not, I would like to send you that version with the necessary code to include localization, plus the Spanish translation files. If not, I would rather wait for the new version to make the changes in those files…

    • Dan says:


      I’m in the middle of a rewrite. The new version will be localized, so you’ll be able to translate it easily.

  • Sander says:

    unfortunately the discography plugin is not working on WP2.8. What is the status of the new version?

  • Thanks for the great blog and plugin. It is looks awesome, I am going to be implementing it on my site.
    I am sure you have already featured this but I’d like to enable a few tracks for streaming, a few tracks for download etc to be visible on the discography page. Is this possible?
    Is it possible to note on the page the composer and also publisher as it can be different for different albums?

    Thanks for all your help.

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