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WordPress 3.0 and Gigs Calendar

My plugin had a slight (and easy to miss) compatibility problem with the new version of jQuery that came with WordPress 3.0. I’ve just released a fix in version 0.4.8 for that.  It should show up in your dashboard soon. Update: I left some debug code in that will cause problems for some people.  I’ve [...]

Gigs Calendar 0.4.6

Ok, so in 0.4.5 I added in a security “feature” that would block people without proper security levels from seeing the admin pages.  This was a temporary kludgy fix that is probably going to go away sooner rather than later. The only problem was that it made the plugin a little too secure and blocked [...]

Gigs Calendar 0.4.4

I’ve just put up a bug fix release.  If you upgraded to 0.4.3, you might have noticed that the icons in the calendar list broke suddenly.  That was a pretty simple mistake that I made and it should be fixed now.  Also, I’ve added Finnish and Spanish translations that two contributors were kind enough to [...]

Gigs Calendar 0.4.3

I’ve just tagged the 0.4.3 release of Gigs Calendar.  This version lets you use the plugin with the FORCE_SSL_ADMIN setting in WordPress.  If you have any other favorite bugs that you’d like me to look into, let me know.  I’ve got a list of some, but it can’t hurt to remind me.

WordPress 2.7 released and Plugin upgrades

WordPress 2.7 was released yesterday and there are a lot of great changes.  I’ve been using the beta for some time now, and I can tell you that I really like the new administration panels.  The upgrade has been pretty painless for me, but the new side menus made me push out a new version [...]

Gigs Calendar 0.4.1 – Bug Fixes

I’ve just put up a bug fix release for Gigs Calendar.  The most important fix is that your settings page should function normally now.  Hurrah!  Also, if you set it so that users other than your editors could access the gigs calendar, that should be working as expected now. If your gig is not created [...]

Settings page problem

So far I’ve been unable to duplicate the problem with the Gigs Calendar settings page that so many people have reported.  If the problem I describe below is the problem that you’re experiencing (and you’re using 0.4.0), leave a comment or send me feedback from the plugin if you’d be willing to help me track [...]

Gigs Calendar settings page problem

With the new version of Gigs Calendar, there is a setting that only allows administrative users of the blog access to the settings page.  For some reason, I made that setting on by default.  I’ll change that for the next release, but if you’re having a hard time getting into the settings page in Gigs [...]

Gigs Calendar 0.4.0

I’ve just pushed out the new version of Gigs Calendar.  It is available on the official download page.  Please report any bugs you find, even if you know they existed in 0.3.3. New Features WordPress 2.6 compatibility New plugin API to allow for greater customization.  With this, I (and others) can create one-off customizations of [...]

Gigs Calendar 0.4 beta

Last night, I wrapped up all of the features that I think will be making it into 0.4.  I still need to write up some documentation and examples, but I’d be grateful if anyone could download the development version of the plugin to look for any gaping holes/glaring bugs that I have somehow missed.  There [...]