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Gigs Calendar 0.3.3

Version 0.3.3 is another quick bug fix release. Below are the bugs that I’ve fixed. In WordPress 2.2.x, categories were not showing up in the dropdown box in the settings page. Also in WordPress 2.2.x, this version was completely messed up because I used some functions that weren’t included until WP 2.3.  That’s what I [...]

Gigs Calendar 0.3.2

The new version of the Gigs Calendar plugin is available for download.  This fixes several of the outstanding bugs in 0.3.x (but not all of them).  The fixes are… Updated the I18n file.  In short, this means that translators can finally translate all of the strings available in version 0.3.x. Squashed a bug that gave [...]

Gigs Calendar – One more update

One more before I go, but this is it, I promise!  Thanks to Rene for helping me find these bugs.  Ticket links weren’t working in the gigs lists at all and some of the fields weren’t working in the gigs lists if you were using PHP4.  Both of these issues should be resolved now.

Gigs Calendar 0.3.1 – Oops.

Somehow, I forgot to add the Tours page to subversion, so it didn’t make it into 0.3, only a link to it.  This has now been rectified as of version 0.3.1.  That’ll teach me to be in such a hurry.

Gigs Calendar 0.3!

Ok, because of time constraints, I’ve put version 0.3 up without sending it out to testers.  I doubt it’ll screw anyone’s stuff up, but it might be prudent to backup your gigs tables before you start playing around with it.  There is going to be some documentation on the new features coming in a future [...]

Gigs Calendar 0.2.5 – Country in post title

There was previously a bug that stopped the country from showing up in post titles.  That’s fixed now.  Enjoy!

Gigs Calendar 0.2.4 – Event name in post title

I’ve just put up version 0.2.4.  This version fixes the bug that stopped the event name from showing up in the post title.  That is all.

Gigs Calendar version 0.2.3

I’ve just released 0.2.3 of the Gigs Calendar plugin.  This fixes one minor bug that wouldn’t let you edit a gig immediately after you had created it.  Also, if you enable the plugin on a blog using MySQL < 4.1, it won’t completely break your blog until you disable it. Version 0.3 is coming along [...]

Calling all Translators

One of the features of version 0.3 of the Gigs Calendar plugin that I’m working on is making the plugin internationalized.  That means that people will be able to easily translate the plugin into their language without having to know any PHP code.  I think I’ve already got volunteers for French and German, so if [...]

Gigs Calendar version 0.2.2 – Minor bugs

The new bug fix release is out.  This fixes some problems with the Google Maps links and adds the “Country” field as a customization option to the single post title and the gigs table. Unless there’s a critical bug, this might be the last release before 0.3.  I’ve already got a todo list. Update: I [...]