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Comment Bankrupcy

I’ve got to declare comment bankrupcy.  I am going to do my best to answer any comment posted in the last two months, but I’ve got a bunch of older ones that I never got around to responding to, so I’m going to approve the remaining ones in my queue but I don’t know if [...]

How to translate Gigs Calendar

There’s a new tutorial up at my development site about translating Gigs Calendar (or other WordPress plugins).  If you’ve been wanting to translate Gigs Calendar and I hadn’t gotten back to you, check it out. Translating Plugins

Google problems sorted out

Somehow, the WordPress option to hide this blog from search engines was checked.  I don’t know why I would have checked that, but I can unhappily report that it does work very well to keep you out of Google.  I should be showing up soon, hopefully with decent PageRank because of all of the awesome [...]

I should have complained sooner

It figures that my files come back immediately after I posted about my problems.  Well, that makes fixing this site a lot easier.  Once I get a few more things done, I’ll probably work on some more bug fixes.  It might be some time next week before I get a release out as I haven’t [...]

A few notes

Some observant individuals may have spotted the “Dev Feed” on the sidebar.  If you click on the link, you’ll end up on a little site that has more information than you probably ever want.  In fact, it automatically posts all of my Subversion commit messages, so you’ll know when I’m making changes and what I’m [...]

Featured Plugin: Easy Gravatars

I’ve been wanting to mention some WordPress plugins by other people that might not be directly related to bands, but you might find fun or useful anyway. If you aren’t aware, the company that owns WordPress, Automattic, recently acquired Gravatar.  Gravatar is a pretty cool site that lets someone upload an avatar image to represent [...]