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These WordPress plugins are still under heavy development, so I don’t have time to post too much in the way of things like screenshots, documentation and other details. If you would like to try out a demo before installing the full thing, get in touch with me at “dan” at this domain.


This plugin allows bands and musicians to post in depth information about their entire discography. It was designed to be as easy to setup and manage as possible.

0.2 – File uploads and management (mp3s, album art, etc.)
0.3 – Custom arbitrary data that you can associate with any album or song
0.4 – User submitted content

Want to try it out? Get the Discography Plugin now!

Gigs Calendar

This plugin is geared toward bands and musicians who need to manage and display a calendar of their gigs within WordPress. It’s meant to be as easy as possible for both the musician and the fan. It even manages venue data complete with mapping and ticket links.

0.2 – More options to customize your calendar.

Want to try it out? Get the Gigs Calendar plugin now!

Coming soon…

Mailing Lists (maybe) – I haven’t seen much in this space that is both simple to use, yet flexible. Nothing free, that is. If anyone can recommend a good plugin, please do. Otherwise, I just might have to make one on my own.